Marble is a natural stone formed over centuries from large limestone deposits in mountainous regions around the world. These limestone deposits go through a high-pressure and high-temperature process called metamorphism to produce dazzling marble blocks. The classic white marble is produced from pure limestone, while the presence of mineral impurities creates the range of colors and streaks in various types of marble. Bituminous impurities result to dark or black marble.

While gleaming white marble surfaces are stunningly beautiful, high-luster black marble tiles and black marble slabs are imposingly luxurious. They create bold statements and provide an affluent look.

Variants of black marble

Not all black marble stones are the same. Here are the most popular variations:

Portoro Gold marble is deep black marble with gold streaks and undertones. This gorgeous black stone is quarried from Italy, and is also called Nero Portoro, Negro Portoro and Black Gold Marble. The stone’s black and gold color combination makes it more radiant and naturally elegant.

Portoro Silver has silver veins instead of gold. It has the same majestic look of Portoro Gold. While the black-gold variant exudes warmth, the black-silver version displays a cool sparkle that will work very well with white and cooler tones of other marble varieties.

Black Marquina marble originates from Spain and China. It is also called Nero Marquina, Negro Marquina and Marquina Black marble. This marble stone variation has a solid black color with faint bluish grey veins. A wall with highly polished Black Marquina on the surface will lend an intensely beautiful atmosphere to a room or space. It is the popular choice for home developers when creating black-themed designs. These silken tiles are perfect for black marble flooring, whether installed as an uninterrupted black marble floor tile surface or black and white checkered floor pattern.

Popular uses

Black marble is popular for floor and wall applications. Black and white marble floor tiles used to be installed to suggest a retro or vintage look. This combination, however, blends so well with various themes and design styles that it is often seen in modern kitchens, retail shops, bathrooms, and other interior spaces. Polished black marble is also ideal for table top, countertop and vanity top applications.

Mainly-white surfaces are enhanced or made more stunning with black marble accents. For instance, a white Carrara marble wall becomes more exciting with black marble inserts. A black vanity top in the midst of a white-dominated bedroom, a black marble platform underneath a white tub, Portoro Silver floors on foyers and hallways – they all make grand architectural statements.

Many design themes can be put together by a black marble feature, both in residential and commercial projects.  A tile flooring of Black Gold marble in the living area can bring various elements together, such as yellow furniture, brown wall, and green décor. A black water wall can be a very imposing centerpiece in a hotel lobby, mall or restaurant.

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