Black granites come in many variants, including Absolute Black and Black Galaxy granites. While Absolute Black is deep solid black, Black Galaxy is densely-black with gold or white flecks that lend it its overall brilliant black appearance. It is often favored for this quality which makes it stand out wherever it is installed.

Black Galaxy Granite

Origin and source

Black Galaxy granite has the technical name of Gabbric Anorthosite. It is quarried mainly from India. As in all other granites, it belongs to the igneous rock group. The formation of any Black Galaxy granite tiles commercially sold today has taken place millions of years ago from molten lava cooling and undergoing intense pressure under the Earth’s crust. Black Galaxy granite is a densely black and coarsely-grained stone.

Black Galaxy granite is quarried and imported from India where more than 50 quarries are being operated. The presence of a ferrous component, called Bronzite, is responsible for the gold specks in Black Galaxy granite.


Black Galaxy is available in various finishes.

• Polished finish – the black galaxy granite is given a high-gloss finish that makes its natural brilliance more prominent. This is the most favourable finish and it is best on walls, indoor flooring, countertops, vanity tops and focal areas.

• Honed finish – this gives the granite tile or slab a soft sheen, which is not as glossy as the polished stone.

• Flamed finish – the black granite is burnt on the top surface to increase its anti-resistant property. The result is a rough surface with a hardy look.

• Brushed or antique finish – the flamed black granite is given more texture using diamond or nylon abrasive brush. The result is highly-textured black galaxy granite highly suitable as flooring material.


This natural stone is popular among architects and home owners because of the following characteristics and properties:

• Hardness – like all granites, Black Galaxy granite is very durable and hard-wearing. This is the reason for its suitability as floor material in homes, hotels, malls, restaurants, lobby of public places and subways.

• Water absorption rate – it has very low absorption rate which makes it the perfect natural stone for areas that are frequently wet, including bathrooms, counters, showers, pathways and kitchens.

• High compressive strength – it is a weight-bearing surface material with relatively good tensile strength. Appliances can safely be placed on its surface. This makes it the preferred flooring for commercial spaces, offices, decks, condos, apartments, and residential buildings.

• Attractiveness – its dense black color and gold or white flecks reveal a contrasting brilliance that makes it a popular design material. Interior designers pick up the flecks in Black Galary and incorporate it in their design concept. Black Galaxy is often used for decorative purposes on countertops, vanities, table top, fireplaces and staircases.

• Low Maintenance – granite in general require very simple upkeep and maintenance, and Black Galaxy is no different.


We provide various sizes of Black Galaxy granite tile for commercial and residential applications. We have them in square and rectangular tiles and slabs that you can even request to be cut-to-size. Contact us now to enquire the popular black galaxy granite price and stock.

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