Ceramic tiles offer an infinite range of choices – from colors, sizes, textures, themes, patterns, finish, looks and effects, uses and other special features. They can be modern or vintage in style; they evoke different feelings and inspirations, too.

Basically the same, differently creative

DecorativeModern technology has made it possible to produce ceramic tiles in great volumes. Stunning effects are achieved with the use of state-of-the-art printing equipment. Basically, the various types of ceramic and porcelain tiles are all the same because of their extraordinary resilience to moisture, stains and wear-and-tear. They are easy to clean, and are relatively cheaper compared to other materials. These are the qualities that made ceramic tiles the popular choice for home designs and other projects, both indoor and outdoor.

From this mold, a unique category of ceramic tiles has emerged. This is the line of art ceramic tiles, hand painted and custom made to meet the needs of customers. With the present innovations in technology, the process of producing these masterworks ensure the highest quality while maintaining the personalized appeal of the finished product.

Authentic art captured in clay

IMG_5513_3Art ceramic tiles are collections of unique images and spectacular expressions of art. They often imitate mosaic to transform an uninteresting wall into a vibrant mural; or act as a single piece of decor to create the perfect mood and sensation in a favourite space.

Visitors will enter your home and be awed by the art around. They will not only see surrounding walls – they will see and delight in the creativity of each piece and be inspired. Walls come to life with art. There are plenty of options for creating art around the house. A dreary backsplash can be given an appealing facelift by installing art ceramic tiles. That will not only light up the kitchen, it will lift everyone’s mood!

Craft made for the individual customer

IMG_5479These ceramic tiles are generally produced in small dimensions to capture details more vividly and to easily lay the tiles on sloped, curved or irregular surfaces. But since the ceramic tiles are hand-made and created for the individual customer, they can adopt to almost any shape. As they say, imagination is the only limit.

Designs, images and items captured on each tile are printed and painted through a process that embeds the image deep into the tile material. Rich ceramic glaze protects and provides the desired finish to ensure long-lasting images.

Variety of application

For a category that is not as mass-produced as the other types of ceramic tiles, these products of art have a long list of application to renovating and interior decorating installations. For instance, it can be used to create privacy in a shared bathroom, by installing an antique art wall to separate the shower from the rest of the floor area. An old tub can be easily perked up by installing a tub surround of art ceramic tiles that complement an existing bathroom fixture. Winters by the fireplace can get lonely; have decorative tiles artfully installed around the fireplace surround, instead.

Art is not restricted by time or culture; hence, art ceramic tiles are available in contemporary, antique and all kinds of social and cultural influence.

There’s probably no other tiling project where the customer is more involved than in art ceramic tiling – and that ought to be a lot fun! If you’re in the middle of a remodelling project and you think that you’re more stressed than having fun, you should give us a call! Enjoy art in your own home with us and our art ceramic tiles! We’ll help you see that installing art ceramic tiles is very much like turning walls and floors into windows to the world!

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